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  • Can I order a product that is out of stock?
    Yes! orders placed on out of stock items are made in order they are recieved.
  • I dont see a product for my boat, can one be made?"
    Yes, if you provide the dimensions of your locker we can provide a sketch and price quote.
  • Does the tackle system require any modifications to my boat?
    The tackle system does not require any modifications to your boat. The system is held in place by the weight of the tackle boxes and the outer tabs (equiped on some models).
  • Is the tackle system adjustable?
    When ordering a system you will receive inner tabs, outer tabs(if applicable), the rails, and all required hardware. the system requires assembly, the inner tabs are spaced to hold standard sized 3700. The inner tabs can be removed to hold 3700 deeps, as needed, etc. The outer tabs can also be removed, or moved around for customization.
  • Where and how are your products made?
    All of our products and designed and manufactuered in house in Peoria, Arizona.
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