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About MK2 Designs

MK2 Designs is an Arizona based company specializing in high quality 3D printing and design services. What started as a hobby for us, has turned into a passion for designing innovative products and pushing the limits of 3D printing technology. Founded in 2018 by Mark Gatewood, MK2 Designs quickly became known for identifying new markets for boat storage and organization accessories and is now the go-to source for hundreds of fishermen looking to customize their boats to suit their particular needs.


Our Products

Much of our product line is focused on organization and storage solutions for high-performance bass boats. Our products are designed by fishermen and are tested by members of our pro-staff to make sure our products work in the most demanding of conditions.  

We're always innovating. Whether that means designing and bringing completely new products to market or improving on ones we already sell. We're a small team that can move quickly on new ideas and we're not afraid to take on a challenge. When you run MK2 Designs products, you can be confident that our entire team stands behind our products and is dedicated to making them the best in the industry.

Our Services

We also offer custom design and 3D printing services that go beyond our product line. If you have an idea for a product you'd like to see or if you have a project of your own that you'd like to have printed, we can help you with design, prototyping, and bringing your idea to life.

Check out our Services page for more info.

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